The Others

by Broken Bot

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released February 6, 2014



all rights reserved


Broken Bot England, UK

Hi. This is Broken Bot.

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Track Name: Aphorism
You're the steady hands,
hanging off my broken wrists,
I don't think that I lost my mind
I think that I misplaced it.

Your blindness to what's in plain sight,
has left me on my knees,
I burnt the bridge while we were crossing,
hoping to keep you with me.

I'm not an actor,
just reacting,
some would say it's overdue.

I'm not afraid,
I'm just a fool,
weighed down by what you put me through.

Look where it's left me.

The space that I once occupied,
is freezing, bitter, empty.

So was it worth it?
The breaking down of me?
I'm not surprised you don't remember,
but it's everything I see.

I'm not confused,
and I refuse,
to go through any of this shit.

It's not the end,
so let's pretend,
you killed the fuse that you had lit.
Track Name: Policy Of Being Indecisive
Joel told me, when he makes it to the summit,
he won't be happy,
won't be sad,
he'll just be glad he made it.

It made me think about how,
since I came back here,
I could never feel like home like I did
the last three years.

But now it's gone,
and I feel different.
I've got an allergy to change,
and I feel myself collapsing.

Under a weight of expectation,
that life is piling on,
I need to get out of my head.
Track Name: You're Fucking Crazy
The view from my window
made these years seem longer,
I blinked and I missed them,
it's only a matter of time;
Until I lose my mind

I'd wait for the snowfall
of early December,
wherever I met you,
it's totally gone from my brain.
I think we're going insane

You broke me down,
I built me up again.

It's way more cathartic,
when it's down on paper,
I mistime my statements,
who knows what I'm still trying for,
another night on the floor.

So I may be older,
but I'm none the wiser,
I'm too inconsistent,
it's left me with nothing to claim,
and you have nothing to gain.

You broke me down,
I'll stay down here for now.
Track Name: 2513
I spent three years here,
hoping I'd feel at home.
I never felt too welcome.

So if you could try
and see it through my eyes,
it never felt as though this town had my back on this.

Never thought why
I spend my days so pissed,
your favourite weapon, taking joy from every point I miss.

Taken too far,
temperament of a kid,
my brain can't handle the weight this town puts on it,
my brain can't handle the weight this town puts on it.

It never could

It never should have had to.
The walls came down on the house we built,
in the night of February at two AM.

So if you could try
and see it from my side,
I couldn't give a fuck if this places lives or if it dies.

Never thought why
I'm always quick to go,
when every building in this place has heard you saying no.

Taken too far
temperament of a kid,
my brain can't handle the weight this town puts on it,
my brain can't handle the weight this town puts on it.

It never could.
Track Name: Clouds
I'm so tired of never sleeping,
and my life is one long day
with grey skies full of clouds that just
can't bring themselves to break

When I wrote you down this story
I hid it in the stars
so in the night time when you're dreaming
I'll never be too far

I'm so tired of never speaking
my mouth it feels so dry
devoid of all of the conviction
I felt in our goodbye

When I thought about our story
it's pretty clear you won
I drowned in rainfall in September
and now all I was is gone

and now all I was is gone
Track Name: Take a Scarf or Something...
I'm running away,
I'll make my escape
and I'm taking you there with me.
The leaves they keep falling
and time goes too slow.

So let's make a date.
We'll run through December,
not notice the year has changed.
I'll spend time in nowhere
to spend time alone with you.

So let's waste our time.
There's so much to say,
and I'll be here the rest of my life.
Let's go for a walk,
just remember a scarf or something.

We can just go.
Chase of the rain clouds,
and freeze while we sit in the snow.
Cos nothing is wrong,
if I know that you're here with me.

It won't be too long.
I'm glad that I finally
found somewhere that I belong.
Don't worry I'll catch you,
if you ever feel yourself fall down.